Question raised by High Court of Delhi related to open Book Examination

Question raised by High Court of Delhi related to open Book Examination

Delhi University is having a special problem said by Justice Pratibha M.Singh while hearing a batch of Plea challenging the decision Of Delhi University to conduct online open book Examination for final year students before the Delhi High Court on Tuesday.

The petitioner has submitted all their submissions in front of the High Court of Delhi and the Respondents will submit their arguments today. Yesterday Tushar Mehta who is a solicitor general on behalf of the University grants commission requested the court to wait till the hearing before the Supreme Court regarding the challenge to the UGC guidelines was concluded. However Justice Singh was not inclined to do so as the matter before the SC was listed on the 10th August which is same date as that of DU exams.

The question was put forward by judge that what would happen to the students who are not able to give the online open Book Examination and according to the guidelines of UGC the examination should be completed by September 30.

The Justice Singh sing said that ‘Then the semester will never be over right? The students will be in a state of uncertainty. How may times will DU take the exam? Other Universities have already finished their exams. DU also did not conduct classes properly. These are extraordinary circumstances UGC should have acknowledged it.

When the reply was presented by solicitor general in this matter the Justice Singh noted that even the reply had a digital signature and said that do you see that even your reply is digitally signed? Why can not Delhi University do this? Delhi University seem to have a special problem.”




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