Let her live

Let her live

Author Name: Esha Yadav

College Name: Law College Dehradun

A girl is killed before she comes into the world and if she is saved by mistake, then this society troubles her whole life because she is a girl .As soon as a girl is born, she is  told that you are a girl and  so you are weak. And that little girl, believing it to be true, kept  whole life silent. Being a girl I have  experience this too  because the family and society always thinks that only girls are at fault in all these matters.

This society has taught girls to just keep quiet at every stage of life. When a young girl wants to study but she is not allowed to go to school  .This Can be seen even today  The ratio of girls is always low in schools When a girl grows up, she is forbidden to go out and she is not allowed  even  to wear clothes of   her own choice


No one knows how many rape cases are registered in our country and some cases  do not even  came to be known because girls are not given a chance to speak anything.

Girls are molested every day in their homes outside or where they work. The girls were sexually assaulted and then killed to cover up the crime.

There is a case of rape –

A four-member team of the Crime Branch visited Birmitrapur and Raiboga police stations in Sundargarh district as a part of the investigation.

The inspector and few  policemen are accused of raping the girl over a period of 4 months while a government doctor is accused of terminating her pregnancy at Birmitrapur Community Health Centre on June 15, the police said.

According to a complaint lodged by the district child protection officer of Sundargarh district, the girl had gone to a  fair at Biramitrapur on March 25 but the event was cancelled due to the lockdown.

A police team on patrol duty found the girl roaming near a bus stand after she didn’t return home from Biramitrapur.

When she was came  to the police station by the police men , the inspector allegedly raped her and released her subsequent morning ,  complaint said. After that she was often called to the police quarters and allegedly repeatedly raped by some policemen, including the inspector. The girl became pregnant after which her foetus was aborted, the complaint said.

Six persons, including the inspector, doctor and  girl’s stepfather, was named as accused in the FIR.

But did anyone think what was the fault of that girl who had to face all this at such a young age? There is one more disgusting work with a girl

In a chilling incident, one man reportedly raped a 19-year-old woman and inserted a rod in her private parts in Maharashtra’s Nagpur .The man has been arrested. Are these people humans who do not have any humanity at all?

People talk about justice in our country and it took 7 years for this country to get justice for Nirbhaya.

We always say that my India is great but is it really great in which a girl is tortured and molested and  society only watches the show.

About 300 acid attacks are reported in India annually. Survivor advocates say the number of attacks is  perhaps on the brink of 1000 . India has the highest incidents  of acid attacks within the world.

The Sec 326 A of IPC lays down the punishment for acid attacks. The minimum punishment is 10 years’ imprisonment. It can extend up to  captivity with fine

But can they return that girl’s beautiful face?

Even today acid is sold in stores openly and this society pressurises girls to  think that dying is better than  living a life like this. The biggest misconception of society is that only girl is wrong in everything. Be it the girl’s work or her clothes

There are number of rape cases of girl infants and some of them are-

  • 6-month-old baby girl raped, murdered by uncle in MP. A 6-month-old girl, who was sleeping next to her parents on a street, was allegedly kidnapped , raped and murdered by her uncle in Madhya Pradesh’s Indore, police said. The accused was caught on CCTV camera carrying the girl on his shoulder.


  • Lucknow: 4-month-old baby dies after being ‘raped’ by her cousin
  • 50-year-old jailed for life for raping 3-month-old baby in Hyderabad

Now what does this society want to say about this, is it the fault of the girl or the fault of her clothes

Isn’t it a mistake of thinking??

A girl cannot do anything here as she wishes, because she is always afraid that something may happen to her. Being a girl, I feel it when my parents do not let me go alone .I also feel the same fear that every girl has whenever she is alone.

Will the day ever come in this country when women can raise their voice .Will the day ever come when parents will be able to send their girls out of the house without worry?

We can only hope for this and should  take some  steps to change the mind set  of the people

We have to make India a country where we never have to ask for justice for a girl.

Every girl want this –

Let me live

I want to see this beautiful world

I want to see these green trees and flowing rivers

Let me live

I want to gain knowledge

I want to explore this world

Let me live

Don’t kill me ,I am also a human being like u

Don’t splash acid on me it really burns

Don’t damage my body parts it really hurts a lot

Let me live

I want to breathe freely

I am like a flower don’t touch me but just enjoy my fragrance


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