Apex Court stayed the controversial “Farmer Laws” Due to which Farmers from other states were Protesting at the Delhi Border:

Apex Court stayed the controversial “Farmer Laws” Due to which Farmers from other states were Protesting at the Delhi Border:

Today, the Apex court stayed the three Farmer Laws against which farmers, from the states of Punjab and Haryana, have been protesting at Delhi borders since November 2020.

The order was passed by the bench consisting of Chief Justice of India (CJI), SA Bobde, Justices AS Bopanna, and V Ramasubramanian. The court order to stay the three Laws until further orders. That is (Empowerment & Protection Agreement of Price Assurance) Farm Services Act 2020, Farmers Produce Trade & Commerce (Promotion & Facilitation) Act and Amendment to Essential Commodities Act.

Meanwhile, the court also ordered to form a four-member committee to hear all the parties and stakeholders and submit a report to the Court about the same. The Four Member committee will consist of Bhupinder Singh Mann (National President of Bharatiya Kisan Union), Dr. Pramod Kumar Joshi, Ashok Gulati (Agricultural Economist), and Anil Ghanwat (President of Shetkari Sanghatana).

Moreover, while the formation of the committee the CJI said that:

“Every person who is genuinely interested in solving the problem is expected to go before the Committee. The Committee will not punish you or pass any orders. It will submit a report to us”

Further, the court said that the committee is being formed so that the Court gets a clearer picture about the ground situation and the committee, its functioning will be considered part of the current judicial proceedings before the Supreme Court.

Senior counsel Harish Salve told that if the laws have stayed, then the order should make it clear that it is not a victory for anyone and orders should be published on the Supreme Court website.

Attorney  General KK Venugopal told the Court during the hearing that the Central government has received information that Khalistanis have infiltrated the farmer’s protests, The submission was made after the Court inquired from Venugopal about whether or not he can confirm an allegation made in an application filed by one of the intervenors that a banned organization is trying to fund the protests.

“Mr Attorney an allegation has been made against a banned organisation that it is trying to fund the protest.. can you confirm or deny this?”-CJI SA Bobde while the responded Venugopal stated and We have said that Khalistanis have infiltrated the protests while responding that Centre will place arguments to that effect on affidavit”

Attorney General submits that there was no opposition to the laws in States like Kerala and Karnataka and he also said that tractor rally is being planned to be held on Republic Day which needs to be stopped.

In this above-mentioned Situation, the Delhi Police had filed an application before the Supreme Court to injunct the rally.

Attorney General contends that Once they are allowed in the city, we don’t know where all they will be going and which place they will go to agitate. The court issued notice and adjourned the matter till 18th January.


The court during the hearing inclined towards the farm’s laws while observing that the steps taken by the Central government to break the deadlock between the government and farmers have not yielded the desired results. Various farmer’s unions, organizations, individuals have assailed the three Farm Laws before the Supreme Court. The three laws, Farmers (Empowerment & Protection) Agreement of Price Assurance & Farm Services Act 2020, Farmers Produce Trade & Commerce (Promotion & Facilitation) Act & Amendment to Essential Commodities Act have been challenged as illegal, arbitrary, and unconstitutional.

Petitioner submits that they will pave the way for cartelization and commercialization of agriculture produced and if allowed to stand will completely ruin our country as the corporates can, with one stroke, export our agriculture produce without any regulation.

Petitioners contend that the laws passed are “unconstitutional” and “anti-farmer,” as it would dismantle the Agriculture Produce Market Committee system intended to ensure fair prices for farm products.

In the affidavit filed before the top court on Monday, the Central government claimed that the Farm Laws are a result of two decades of deliberation and that “wrong perception created by non-farmer elements” about the laws needs to be cleared.

It is alleged that farmers were agitating against the Laws due to the apprehensions, misgivings, and misconceptions created by some vested interest people because most of the farmers of the nation are happy as they are given an additional option over and above the existing and, therefore, no vested right is taken away as mentioned in the affidavit.





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